Photo Paper Prints

◻︎ Paper Type Options

The distinctions among the three types of photo paper discussed below are not practical to try to show visually on a website, so verbal descriptions are provided.

Luster Photo Paper- Kodak ENDURA "Lustre" is a heavyweight, professional photo paper product with a fine grain pebble texture. Luster photo paper has the color saturation of a glossy paper but without the associated glare or finger print issues.  Any of the images will look good on this type of paper.

Metallic Photo Paper - Kodak ENDURA "Metallic" is a heavy weight, professional photo paper product with a glossy finish and a unique metallic appearance.  (This is not the same product as Metal Prints.)  Prints on this type of paper have a rich, distinctive look that is almost three-dimensional with extreme sharpness, brightness and color saturation.  Images like those found in the Abstracts in Water gallery really "pop" on this type of paper.  Black and white images have an enormous tonal range and display well on this paper.

Giclée Watercolor Paper - (Giclée is pronounced "zhee-klay").  This fine art watercolor paper is heavy, 100% cotton fiber, and acid-free with a matte finish and a subtle texture. Premium inks are applied to this paper at high resolution to produce images with smooth tones and rich colors, which results in an extraordinary presentation. (You may find the Giclée process on Canvas Prints of interest also).  Almost any image would work well on this paper particularly if a matte appearance is what you seek.

◻︎ Finishing Options

Make your photo paper prints ready for display with these choices:

□ Mounting on foam board and framing - with or without a protective acrylic sheet - up to 24x36

□ For selected image sizes, mounting on foam board, matting, and framing - with or without protective acrylic sheet - up to 24x36

□ Flush mount on a 1" standout box - up to 30x40 - print can stand on its own

□ Flush mount on a beveled edge mount block - up to 20x24 - print can stand on its own

□ For prints smaller than 14x14, flush mount on masonite, styrene, or beveled edge mount for placement on an easel or plate display holder

◻︎ Pricing

Prints on Photo Paper may be ordered in any size up to 30 inches on the short side.  The prices below are representative for a selection of sizes.   Finishing options are additional.

  Size    Lustre    Metallic    Watercolor

   8x12         $22             $26                   $49

 12x18         $49             $59                 $112

 20x30       $136           $164                $255

 30x45       $262           $315                $606      

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