Charlie Hills Photography offers prints on three distinct types of media:   Photo paper, Canvas, and Metal. Prints from images produced by Charlie Hills Photography of any size up to 40x60 inches are available on any of these media types (depending on the resolution of the original image).  In addition to prints from an image, an order for most products can also include additional finishing work such as mounting and framing so that the images you purchase will be ready for display upon receipt.  

Charlie Hills Photography delivers custom tailored print products to each and every client. Using our Personalized Ordering Service, we will step you through the ordering process, explain options, and supply additional information as necessary to help ensure you will be fully satisfied with the print and finishing products you purchase.  

You are invited to explore information about the three media types by selecting from these:

To initiate an order or obtain a price quote, you will need to know the titles of the images or better yet, the "CHP Numbers" located in the caption under the title. Then use the Contact Menu or write an email to  Include thoughts you have in mind like print sizes, media types, preferences for finishing (if any), etc.  Thank you in advance for your interest!

Charlie Hills Photography partners with Bay Photo for almost all of the printing, mounting, and framing work we do.  Bay Photo is located in Scotts Valley, California and is one of the premiere print labs in the United States.  The lab is renowned for their color accuracy, print and finishing quality, as well as their prompt and consistent service.

All of the media types we recommend use modern printing technologies and inks, which should provide a century or more of useful life to the products sold by Charlie Hills Photograghy, assuming the products are not exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time.  

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