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◻︎ Personalized Print Ordering

Ordering: Charlie Hills Photography provides one-on-one interaction with customers to develop print orders tailored to meet their satisfaction.

With the wealth of printing material options, surface type options, print mounting options, and print framing options available, it can be somewhat daunting if not confusing for a customer to place a customized print order directly through a website.  At Charlie Hills Photography, we think the solution is personalized service.

To get started, you will need to know the titles of the images or better yet, the "CHP Numbers" located in the caption under the title. Then add any other thoughts you have in mind like print sizes, etc.

◻︎ Image Post-Processing

Assignments: Post-Processing of images you supply.

Types of work: 

     □ Create photo montages

     □ Make color corrections 

     □ Enhance individual photos to make "print-ready"

     □ Scan images and perform dust / scratch removal

     □ Repair old images - photo restoration

The image files you supply should be the originals (not a copy and not reduced in size) if possible.  The images should not be blurry unless intentionally so.  The images may have been taken by you or others, but appropriate authorization must have been secured, if they are not yours.  For restoration work, the original pictures are expected to be in poor condition and the need to get authorization if you did not take the photo does not apply.

Examples of work from photos supplied by others:

Untitled photo
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